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Terms & Conditions


RIDE2FLY TAXIS provides taxi services from and to Leicester to anywhere in the UK. RIDE2FLY TAXIS offers the following services:


Note: At the moment we are not operating locally, for less than 10 miles journeys.

The business between the client and RIDE2FLY TAXIS is governed by a set of terms and conditions. All customers booking RIDE2FLY TAXIS services are assumed to have read and agreed to terms and conditions stated on this site. All customers are assumed to be over 18 years old and are capable of entering into binding contracts. You must provide the accurate details while booking at the RIDE2FLY TAXIS website.


The booking made by customers over call, WhatsApp and by web portal will be approved/confirmed via emails and WhatsApp by RIDE2FLY TAXIS.

  • Any changes to the booked journey, other than what was agreed/quoted at the time of booking, will be subject to the additional charges.
  • Customers must take all measures in choosing the right vehicle at the time of booking befitting to their needs such as number of customers and amount of luggage. RIDE2FLY TAXIS strictly adheres to the policy of carrying the passengers in line with the vehicles’ passengers’ capacity, not allowing any luggage bag to be carried within the vehicle cabin other than the boot. In case of choice of vehicle which is not appropriate to the customers’ needs will lead to some additional charges per change made by RIDE2FLY TAXIS in the booking of customers to accommodate the needs of customers. It is strongly advised that customers, if they are unsure of vehicle’s size/type, make contact with one of our advisors/representatives about the vehicles befitting to their needs.
  • It is the responsibility of customers to provide accurate information including the phone number, name of airport, flight number, and landing time at the time of booking or any change in the scheduled trip.
  • The drivers of RIDE2FLY TAXIS will make contact with customers within given time frame, and in the case of failure in establishing the contacts with customers or vice versa, the driver will be removed from the pick-up location. The status of the booking will be classed as ‘no show’ of customers. If the customers make contact with driver after the given time limit, this will be treated as a new booking, requiring the full payment for the provision of RIDE2FLY TAXIS services.
  • Despite placement of orders by customers using online channels, RIDE2FLY TAXIS has a right to cancel or make changes in the online bookings if an error in the calculation of quotes/prices introduced by the system is detected. Based on the introduction of error of incorrect pricing of the trip by the system, RIDE2FLY TAXIS maintains its right to charge the difference in fare or may cancel the orders made at incorrect prices.
  • RIDE2FLY TAXIS reserves the right to change the prices without issuing any notice to customers; promotions or special offers will only be for the limited period of time as displayed on the website or other advertising channels. Therefore, all customers are strongly recommended to call for the current prices of the given products. Additionally, RIDE2FLY TAXIS maintains its right to limit the number of promotional products, and customers should look into the policies and notes attached to each offer. The online prices and offers displayed on this site are only valid for the UK travel.
  • The bookings involving the parking, Toll Road, congestion Charge Zones, low ultraemission zone, air zone charge will be subject to the additional charges accordingly.


RIDE2FLY TAXIS take 50% advance payment for all the bookings. Payment can be made by debit/credit card, through stripe, PayPal or via online bank transfer. Please allow sufficient time for payments to reach RIDE2FLY TAXIS Leicester prior to your date of travel. We accept all major credit cards.


If the customer cancels a booking 24 hours prior to the time of booking, it will not incur any deduction and full refund will be made. The booking cancelled between 12 and 24 hours prior to the time of booking will be subject to 50% cancellation charge of the quoted price for a given service/product. The customers cancelling their bookings less than 12 hours prior to the time of booking will be subject to 100% cancellation of the quoted price with issuance of no refund..


Each booking will be subject to 10-15 minutes waiting time for ‘address collections’, and 60 minutes for the airport/seaport collections. If the customers are not contactable by the drivers of RIDE2FLY TAXIS, such bookings will be classified as ‘no show’, and will incur the 100% cancellation charges apply for waiting time 0.40p per min.


RIDE2FLY TAXIS provide Meet and Greet service on the customer request. For meet and Greet service driver/chauffer goes into the car parking after 30min landing time, car parking charges paid by the customer. Driver/chauffer wait at arrival with Name on sign board. Meet and Greet service charges are £10 plus the waiting time £0.40p per min.

  • 🔴 Any injury suffered by passengers due to their irresponsible behavior such as an attempt to open the door before the vehicle comes to a halt or not wearing seat belt during travelling will not be entertained by the RIDE2FLY TAXIS Insurers
  • 🔴 The passenger’s exclusive responsibility to ensure the goods are insured against such losses or damages.
  • 🔴 Furthermore, the vehicle, under no circumstances, will carry the passenger more than that is licensed to carry.
  • 🔴 If customers cause soiling and spillage due to sickness, they will be charge £150 for the time lost and valeting of the vehicle. Customers will be responsible for protection of their belongings, and RIDE2FLY TAXIS will not accept any liability towards damages or theft of the belongings.
  • 🔴 If customers are found to cause the damages to interior or exterior of the vehicle during travelling with RIDE2FLY TAXIS, they will be billed accordingly for the time lost, valeting the vehicle and earnings lost by the driver due to vehicle being off the road.
  • 🔴 Small children, by law, are required to wear seat belts. The drivers of the RIDE2FLY TAXIS will offer no assistance in terms of fitting the child with the seatbelt. It will entirely be the responsibility of the adult passengers to take care of the security of children travelling with them.

  • 👜 Saloon cars take 1 to 4 Passengers with maximum of 2 pieces Check-In Luggage plus 2 Hand Luggage.
  • 👜 Minibus = 1 to 8 Passengers with maximum of 8 pieces Check-In Luggage plus 8 Hand Luggage.


It is a legal requirement, that infants travelling with you should have baby car seats. RIDE2FLY TAXIS does not provide baby car seats. If you bring your own baby car seat, and keep it at the company’s office, you will be charged £10 each way for that service separately according to prior arrangement made between you and RIDE2FLY TAXIS


RIDE2FLY TAXIS is committed to ensure the punctuality of the drivers and perform their obligations under the contract. However, RIDE2FLY TAXIS will not be held responsible for delays caused by the Event out of our Control. Any event out of control is defined as a situation or factor which is not controllable using the available means or controls. For example, events out of our control may include, but not limited to, snow storm, tyre puncture, and earthquake, traffic congestions on the road, flood, and disruption of the telecommunication network and vehicle breakdown. In the events of the tyre puncture or vehicle breakdown, the RIDE2FLY TAXIS will make all efforts to arrange an alternative vehicle to provide the service agreed under contract, but the arrival time of the alternative vehicle will not be guaranteed. If an event out of our control is predicted or takes place before the time of booking, which may affect the performance of RIDE2FLY TAXIS obligations, the concerned customers will be notified as soon as possible. During peak times, RIDE2FLY TAXIS often resort to provision of subcontracted vehicles, therefore, all passengers are advised to consider extra time at their disposals, especially making bookings for the airports, meetings, seaports and/or train stations.


The drivers/chauffer of RIDE2FLY TAXIS are fully trained to drive safely under different road conditions and in accordance with the traffic rules and legal speed limits. RIDE2FLY TAXIS will refuse to entertain customers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and are suspected to cause damage to the vehicle or threat to the driver/chauffer. RIDE2FLY TAXIS strictly adheres to the non-smoking policy inside the vehicle. RIDE2FLY TAXIS will never accept any physical or verbal abuse to our staff.


All our drivers are Local Authority vetted and licensed and hold an up-to-date DBS check, as well as medical and driving standard check. All our vehicle under regular MOT testing by the Local PHO authority twice a year, ensuring the safe and comfortable trip for you. RIDE2FLY TAXIS only operate to take advance bookings. If you wish to book a private hire vehicle via the website, info@ride2fly.co.uk, you must agree to the Terms & Conditions by ticking box on booking form page, booking for yourself, or booking on behalf of someone else. If you do not agree, booking do not book via website.


It is strongly advised that customers must authorized payments from the credit/debit card named in the booking. RIDE2FLY TAXIS reserves the right to cancel any booking which is reasonably suspected to involve the cardholder in association with any fraudulent activity, without prior notice to the concerned customers, and will be immediately reported to the Fraud Department for further actions.

Suspicions may be founded on the following reasoning’s.

  • ⛔ Cardholder (customer) makes several attempts with inconsistent data to make payments.
  • ⛔ The personal data entered by the customer while booking is previously linked to fraudulent activities.
  • ⛔ The data input by the customer is erroneous or inadequate and is linked with the fraudulent activities.
  • ⛔ The customer is unable to provide the contact information of the cardholder on enquiry by the RIDE2FLY TAXIS while carrying out some security checks.
  • ⛔ The payments are not authorized by the cardholder, and files claim of the fraudulent payment.
  • ⛔ The customers hesitates or unable to provide the information relevant for booking such as pickup location, destination address, full name and/or contact number.


If you have any dispute in relation to the service, then inform RIDE2FLY TAXIS within 24 hours by writing, in email: info@ride2fly.co.uk, we will try to resolve the issue in the best possible manner, and notify you of the outcomes within 72 hours after receipt of your complaint. To make a complaint or contact us regarding your personal data please email us info@ride2fly.co.uk RIDE2FLY TAXIS welcomes enquiries and suggestions about Terms and Conditions, and contents of this site, please contact us at: info@ride2fly.co.uk